SolidGround – Group


We have chosen the focus of our business areas very carefully. The topics that we consider important for economic and geostrategic transformation are reflected in the business units and at the same time allow us to realise synergies that benefit all parties involved..

Core Values

All our activities are guided by entrepreneurial thinking and can also be transformed into joint entrepreneurial action if desired by all parties involved.

In doing so, we attach great importance to the consideration of the SDGs and generally accepted ESG definitions, always with a view to their measurability and transparency.


The management of the group consists of professionals with interdisciplinary knowledge that has been aggregated over decades of working for and supporting major international corporations and building / transforming businesses on all continents.

The qualifications of the teams in the individual business areas are strictly aligned to the needs of our customers / partners. The qualification of the individual team members is also characterised by their willingness to innovate, change and think & act socially.