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Energy Efficient Affordable Housing

With the ever-growing population worldwide, the shortfalls of affordable houses in almost every nation is growing.

In order to help master this challenge, we have developed the ‘EcoHomes’ integrated system, thus addressing the issues of budget, implementation speed, durability, environment friendliness and scalability in the context of international building quality and energy efficiency standards.

The ‘EcoHomes’ integrated system prime advantages are:
Affordable Housing, complemented by Renewable Energy technologies

The objective of the integration of renewable energies, adapted to the respective location, into the ‘EcoHomes’ integrated system is full or partial energy self-sufficiency.

The implementation of local renewable energy technologies allows:

Depending on the respective building sites climatic and resource conditions, we are able to incorporate the following renewable energy technologies:

A Control and Management technology developed for the “Power&Life Container” can be used to control and actively manage such installations
Affordable Housing, complemented by Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency technologies

In the recent past, it has become well known that investing in energy efficiency will generate a higher return in the long term while protecting our planet.

We are transferring Zero Energy House strategies and technologies from house building in Europe (mainly from Germany), thus leveraging based on existing and cost-efficient technologies.

The main Energy Efficiency elements will be:

Control and management technology developed for the “Power&Life Container” can be used for energy storage, load control and central building services management.