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Change Management

Change Management
We offer our clients change management in all core areas – from process consulting to restructuring / reorganisation to strategic consulting / internationalisation.

We support companies and executives with comprehensive expertise in business models, organisational structures, processes and systems to successfully align their organisations for the future.

It is our concern to consider your business with all its interdependencies in all its complexity. Therefore, we integrate corporate development into meaningful strategies and initiate holistic corporate development processes.

That is why we enjoy accompanying from the business conception to the anchoring in processes and systems to the change management and training of managers and employees.


Our restructuring and turnaround measures ensure an improvement in your company’s organisational structure, business situation or market position – not only in times of crisis.

Regardless of the alternative procedure, we are able to provide support, even at short notice, and together with our partners we also offer StaRUG services.

StaRUG, the Act on the Restructuring and Reorganisation of Companies, has been in force since 1. January 2021. The law opens up a new framework for companies in need of reorganisation,

The main features of this framework can be summarised as follows:
The StaRUG merges the out-of-court restructuring procedure and the insolvency plan procedure. For the first time, early (preventive) restructuring can also be carried out outside of insolvency.
The main characteristics of this framework can be summarised as follows:
  1. The StaRUG merges out-of-court restructuring and insolvency plan proceedings. For the first time, early (preventive) restructuring can also be implemented outside of insolvency.
  2. Preventive restructuring aims at shaping the liabilities side of the balance sheet; as expected, financial creditors are brought into focus.
  3. The company determines the form of the preventive restructuring.
  4. Preventive restructuring is not a free ride; the “tougher” the restructuring, the greater the concessions made by creditors.
  5. StaRUG will not help unless a well-balanced & resilient restructuring concept is presented and consistently implemented.